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LusitanOS (The Lusitan Operating System Project) is yet another open source operating system. It is not meant to be the fastest or more powerful OS in existence and we have no intent to turn it into a replacement to any other OS. Instead, this OS project was planned to be an OS entirely made by Portuguese people and built mainly as a way of self-lerning and research on operating systems development.


lusitanos-v0.03.00-2003.06.18.tar.bz2 : download || mirror
lusitanos-v0.03.01-2003.06.27.tar.bz2 : download || mirror
lusitanos-v0.03.01-2003.06.27.img.bz2 : download || mirror
CVS repository


Diogo Teixeira [fozi at users.sf.net]
Fábio Pereira [hybrid-2k at users.sf.net]
Gonçalo Gomes [lucipher at users.sf.net]
Pedro Ferreira [mahound at users.sf.net]

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